Wavlet Decomposition based Diagnostic for Structural Health Monitoring on Metallic Aircrafts: Case of Crack Triangulation and Corrosion Detection

Hamza BOUKABACHE, Christophe Escriba, Sabeha Zedek, and Jean yves Fourniols
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ijphm_13_003.pdf3.67 MBFebruary 21, 2013 - 5:08am

This work focus on the structural health monitoring of aircrafts parts specimen structures made of 2024 Aluminum alloys using a reliable Joint Time Frequency Analysis calculation (Joint Temporal Frequency Analysis). In this paper we demonstrate the feasibility of a new non destructive control method capable to probe very large structures within a short time. The method we developed is based through a wide piezoelectric sensors network on a smart comparison between two acoustic signatures: the healthy structure response captured before the commissioning of the plane and “an after flight” response. The sensors network exploits the capability of piezoelectric patches to generate/measure specific Lamb wave’s modes. The system is therefore dynamically configured to localize mechanicals flaws using a triangulation algorithm that operates using different techniques like pitch-catch and pulse-echo. The aim of this paper is to highlight a methodology that is currently being integrated into reconfigurable qualified and certified hardware architecture. The idea behind is to interface the airplane's structure to an integrated modular avionics calculator (IMA).
An analytic study is performed and tests to prove the proposed method feasibility on corroded and damaged structures specimens are provided at the end of this paper.

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structural health monitoring
lamb waves
Avionics Systems
aluminum 2024
crack detection
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Structural health monitoring
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