Nantes, France
July 8-10, 2014

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Key Dates

- Paper Submission Opens: 25 Nov 2013
- Abstracts Due (extended): 31 Jan 2014
- Full Papers Due: 14 Mar 2014
- Registration Opens: 21 Mar 2014
- Paper Review Feedback: 16 May 2014
- Final Papers Due: 30 May 2014



Fort Worth, Texas
Sep 29 - Oct 2, 2014

Key Dates

- Short Abstract Due (extended): 18 April 2014
- Doctoral Symposium Proposals: 5 May 2014
- Paper Submission Due: 9 May 2014
- Technology Demos proposals: 13 June 2014
- Panel Session proposals: 27 June 2014
- Paper Review Feedback: 27 June 2014
- Final Papers Due: 1 August 2014


Prognostic-oriented Fuel Cell Catalyst Aging Modeling and Its Application to Health-Monitoring and Prognostics of a PEM Fuel Cell
Xian Zhang, Pierluigi Pisu    Read
Towards a Capabilities Taxonomy for Prognostics and Health
Jeff Bird, Nancy Madge, Karl Reichard    Read
Maintenance Action Recommendation Using Collaborative Filtering
Santanu Das    Read
A data-driven method for predicting structural degradation using a piezoceramic array
Kyle R Mulligan, Chunsheng Yang, Nicolas Quaegebeur, Patrice Masson    Read
Stochastic-resonance based fault diagnosis for rolling element bearings subjected to low rotational speed
Agusmian Partogi Ompusunggu, Steven Devos, Frederik Petre    Read
Application of Event Based Decision Tree and Ensemble of Data Driven Methods for Maintenance Action Recommendation
James K. Kimotho, Christoph Sondermann-Woelke, Tobias Meyer, Walter Sextro    Read

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The International Journal of Prognostics and Health Management (IJPHM) invites papers related to research and developments on Uncertainty in Prognostics and Health Management. More details are available here.

Different paper types are accepted:
- Research Papers - Full length Research papers with details on technical advances,

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General Motors
Date Posted: 
February 17, 2014
Apply at the URL

Major Duties and Responsibilities:
- Conduct research on next-generation technologies for vehicle diagnosis, prognosis, and fault-tolerant controls as well as integration.
- Generate innovative ideas, establish new research areas, and develop and execute technical plans.
- Contribute to technical discussions and reviews as an expert in related areas of responsibility.
- Maintain state-of-the-art knowledge in related areas of responsibility.
- Communicate ideas, plans and results effectively via presentations and written reports.
- Work effectively with peers, management, operations groups, and outside organizations.

Basic Required Skills:

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This is a technical career track position within the Advanced Technologies organization that focuses on the development and implementation of diagnostic and prognostic health monitoring technology for final process control element systems. Emphasis will be on physics based and data driven model development of electro-mechanical systems, application of sensor and signal processing technology, data analytics and algorithm development.

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MFPT 2014 Conference

THEME: Technology Solutions for Affordable Sustainment
May 20-22, 2014 – Sheraton Oceanfront Hotel, Virginia Beach, VA, USA

PHM Society is a proud co-sponsor of MFPT Conference. Access Call for Papers here - This Call for Papers is soliciting papers for MFPT 2014. The Conference will be held 20-22 May 2014, at the Sheraton Oceanfront Hotel, Virginia Beach, VA, USA. The Conference will focus on the development and application of prognostics and health management technologies, and will show how practical technologies can be integrated into a platform or system.

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CoverPage As the PHM'13 conference kicks off full proceedings with the technical papers is now available here. Also check out the downloadable version of complete proceedings for easy reference.
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