Second International Diagnostic Competition (DXC'10)

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The Diagnostic Competition (DXC'10) will be the second of a series of international competitions to be hosted yearly at the International Workshop on Principles of Diagnosis (DX). You can visit the competition website at:

Please use this forum to For future communications and for asking questions to the competition organizers.

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Permission denied problem

Hi all, I compiled the DXC-framework today to help a few of my students and ran into a problem I do not know how to solve.

Compilation/make/make install went fine. I then activated the polycell system in Algs/ExampleDA/config.xml and tried to run the ScenarioLoader

However, I get some permission denied message that I do not understand. I have all files in my local directory so I have write access everywhere. Anyone who knows what mistake I've made?


% ScenarioLoader
SL: INFO: Iterating through DAs in:
SL: INFO: Loading Diagnoser: Example Diagnosis Algorithm
SL: ERROR: Permission denied
SL: ERROR: Exception. Terminating DA.
DA unable to connect. Make sure ScenarioLoader (or StandaloneSDS) is running.
SL: INFO: Exiting...

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Competition Registration

I have been trying to follow the directions on the website to register, although I am not able to find the actual registration forms. Where could I find the registration forms?

Thank you!

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The problem has been fixed.

The problem has been fixed. Please register by going to

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ZIP file is missing??

It seems that the ZIP file is not attached in the competition announcement as stated. Please help me to find it.

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re: ZIP file missing?

There were some technical glitches with the website which have now been resolved. You will find the zip file at


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