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September 19, 2018

Are you looking to make a meaningful impact? To solve real problems, many different skills need to come together. That is why we come together as a team to solve the toughest and most impactful industrial problems using latest technologies. If interested or curious, explore these positions open for GE Global Research's two locations Silicon Valley and New York based positions in AI & machine learning org -
Contact: Abhinav Saxena & Weizhong Yan - or meet us personally at the PHM18 conference

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I am looking for MASc students candidates at the University of Windsor to join my research team on DPHM research for analytical and data-driven approaches towards space and aerial applications of fault diagnosis and prognosis.

If interested contact me for more information.


INRIA, APSYS-AIRBUS and NOKIA Germany are working together for a European funding project "EIT Digital- Industry 4.0"dedicated to predictive maintenance et more precisely to Root Cause Analysis.

The goal of the project is to develop a set of data-science methods, algorithms and plugins to enable manufacturers identify why and where a failure or anomaly occurred and ease dysfunctional goods reparation.

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An Inria spin-off, PAM is a software publisher dedicated to predictive maintenance for industry. On the strength of several collaborative ventures with large-scale industrial firms, we wish to continue developing a solution that integrates the latest R&D technologies and meets the needs of experts in the field.

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