Towards Real-Time, On-Board, Hardware-Supported Sensor and Software Health Management for Unmanned Aerial Systems

Johann Schumann, Kristin Y. Rozier, Thomas Reinbacher, Ole Mengshoel, and Corey Ippolito
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phmc_13_053.pdf2.43 MBOctober 11, 2013 - 2:33pm

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) can only be deployed if they can effectively complete their missions and respond to failures and uncertain environmental conditions while maintaining safety with respect to other aircraft as well as humans and property on the ground. We design a real-time, on-board system health management (SHM) capability to continuously monitor sensors, software, and hardware components for detection and diagnosis of failures and violations of safety or performance rules during the flight of the UAS.
Our approach to SHM is three-pronged, providing: (1) real-time monitoring of sensor and/or software signals updated with every tick of the system clock; (2) signal analysis, preprocessing, and advanced on-the-fly temporal and Bayesian probabilistic fault diagnosis; (3) an unobtrusive, lightweight, read-only, low-power realization using industry-standard Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) in order to avoid costly re-certification of flight software due to instrumentation or overburdening limited computing resources.
Our implementation provides a novel approach of modular building blocks for combining responsive runtime monitoring of temporal logic system safety requirements with model-based diagnosis and Bayesian Network-based probabilistic analysis. We will demonstrate this approach using actual test data of the NASA Swift UAS.

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Health Management System
Bayesian reasoning
temporal logic
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Health management system design and engineering
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