PHM Researcher (physics)

Date Posted: 
March 19, 2020
Kai Goebel - [email protected]

PARC is incubating a new software venture in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) space. We are looking for an experienced Research Scientist who will be responsible for developing models for anomaly detection, diagnostics, and prognostics of failure using physics-based approaches and physics-based approaches that are infused with data driven techniques using streaming sensor data from industrial equipment.
The Research Scientist is expected to design and build a library of modular, reusable models and algorithms that will be deployed as a service offering in a large number of different industrial environment. The service offering is in the context of Predictive Maintenance and has the goal to reduce operational disruptions due to equipment malfunction. The Research Scientist needs to be comfortable with engaging in the end-to-end process of remote monitoring which includes all steps from data collection to analytics results presented back to customer. The Research Scientist will assist in developing requirements for the models and algorithms such that they can be deployed in a large number of different customer settings. To that end it is crucial to establish and adhere to disciplined coding guidelines and styles so that the solutions are maximally robust to variations to input, design variations, and similar so they can be scaled across these different customer applications. He/she will bring ability to drive and/or collaborate with a team of algorithm designers.
• Be able to build, clean and analyze historical and new data from industrial equipment
• Identify needs to additional data collection
• Build models that represent equipment behavior a.) under nominal conditions; b.) when subject to different degradation modes
• Build reproducible tests for proposed models / algorithms
• Build end to end algorithms for anomaly detection, diagnostics, prognostics, and process optimization
• Work cross functionally with key stakeholders in engineering, product, and business development to help decide & prioritize what to build
• Come up with creative ways to find and use algorithms that significantly impacts performance metrics

• Advanced degree (Ph.D. preferred) in Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, …), Physics, Computer Science or similar from a recognized university
• 3+ years of experience working as a Research Scientist designing and employing PdM models and algorithms
• Experience as contributor on a range of projects – track record of delivering mature PdM algorithms
• Excellent communication skills – Must be able to articulate analysis and methodologies clearly and communicate insights in an accessible way to the team
• Must be able to conceive of solutions that have not been already defined
• Ability to write code in at least one scripting language, preferably Python
• Experience working with large real-time data streams

• Experience with hybrid approaches, i.e., integrating physics-based models with machine learning
• Experience with IoT architecture and SaaS
• Experienced in a 24/7, multiple geography environment
• Experience working with distributed technologies (REST, web services, WebAPI, microservices, etc.)
• Comfortable to work with a variety of different applications

Note: This is NOT (!!!) a machine learning position


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