Researching real-time jet engine monitoring

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I am working on a capstone/thesis project on the Civil Aviation sector and the competitive forces in this space.

I understand that all jet engine manufacturer are now using Equipment Health Monitoring (EHM) technology and models to enhanced their Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) of the engines.

I would like to know if any one has had any experience or knowledge about how the jet engine OEM's (GE, Pratt & Whitney, & Rolls Royce) are using EHM in more details.

In particular, is there any difference in terms of the level of MRO service that three OEM’s provide to their customers? For instance any difference in terms of:
a. preventive or real-time maintenance that each OEM provides?
b. how well each OEM analyzes real-time engine data and forecast MRO needs?

Also, how are these models developed? Do they use engineering rules (if the temperature of the exhaust is above certain degrees AND vibration of this part is at x level, then check part C) or other ways?

If they use certain rules, how are these rules derived?

I'd appreciate your insights.

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Arash, I have worked for both


I have worked for both Rolls-Royce and GE; I currently run the IVHM (same as EHM) Centre at Cranfield University in the UK. I'd be glad to answer questions but it would probably be better to get answers directly. For Rolls-Royce you should contact Rich Adams ([email protected]), for Pratt&Whitney Dr Ravi Rajamani ([email protected]) and for GE I think its Ed Hindle but I don't have his email. Also the SAE E32 committee is set up to deal with health management issues and would be able to help with your line of questions. The incoming chariman is Duncan Chase from Rolls-Royce ([email protected]). Let me know if you need anything else.


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Prof Jennings,

Thanks much for these contacts. I do have some questions that you maybe able to address better being an objective expert.

Would it be possible to e-mail it to you directly or setup a call?

Please respond to my e-mail at kiaurash at

Thanks much,


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