Error in Shear Training Data?

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My question has 2 parts:
1) In the Shear training data sets 2 and 3, the mean speed of the 10-meter anemometer is greater than the maximum speed. How can the mean be greater than the maximum speed?
2) For the same training sets, the mean speed of the 10-meter anemometer is very low throughout the data set. Temperatures are well above freezing point. Can you confirm that these data sets are healthy?

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Error in Shear Training Data

Dear Sir,

I have to say that for a moment, I was concerned that I had indexed into the master data set improperly when building the Shear training data sets 2 & 3. However, this is not the case (whew!). In looking at the original data, I find that the logger (channel 6, 10 meter, max, min) did in fact have error and should be ignored. I find that the mean and standard deviation for 10 meter data, though, is correct. I apologizes for that - the rest of the channels look good.

In terms of mean wind speed on the 10 meter anemometer data being low. Yes, this is correct. Depending on site conditions (presence of trees and shrubs) the shear between 10m and 30m can very high. Essentially, that why you want to put the wind turbine up at 80m!


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