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PHM Capabilities Taxonomy

1) PHM is a diverse, multi-disciplinary domain with rapidly evolving capability needs.
2) Initial education and training from many discipline entry points must be complemented by specialized and professional development over a career.
3) Benchmarks are needed for career planners, employers and training developers to facilitate transitions between mastery levels.
4) Stakeholders ensuring a stream of qualified practitioners include academia, industry and government.

To compile a PHM Taxonomy mapping:
a) Skill/capability areas e.g. signal processing, statistics, control systems, [as rows]
b) Competency level descriptors: Entry, Working or Mastery for each [as columns]

The taxonomy should be usable by:
a) Employers: A job description could be readily prepared to include a capabilities list from various areas with desired mastery levels. Evaluation schemes could reference mastery levels to be demonstrated or developed. Professional development transitions could be defined and matched to courses or in-house assignments.
b) Practitioners for career planning: Plan education and professional development progressions and understand skills and capabilities required.
c) Training and professional development course developers: Identify niche areas and descriptors for likely pre-requisites available and new competencies to be acquired.

Way Forward
PHM Society Education and Professional Development Committee would coordinate actions to:
a) Prepare and circulate a Working Model of a PHM Capabilities Taxonomy.
b) Conduct a Conference Workshop covering evolving issues and the taxonomy approach.
c) Develop the inputs for the details for this taxonomy from subject matter experts.
d) Map sources for entry level skills.
e) Map courses available for transitions across mastery levels.

>>>>> DRAFT VERSION of the the taxonomy is available for people volunteering to contribute in development: Contact Jeff Bird though the user directory
>>>>> Workshop agenda for PHM 2012 in Minneapolis -see Attachment

Prepared by
Jeff Bird, Nancy Madge and Karl Reichard
The PHM Society E&PD Committee

PHM Conference Panel Outlines- EPD v4.pdf68.67 KBAugust 24, 2012 - 7:18pm

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