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During PHM'09, Steve Engel suggested that I compile a "Serdar's reading list" for PHM. A year later, I got around to doing it. I also asked a few colleagues for their favorite references. Here is a brief list of articles and books that should be of interest to the general PHM community (in no particular order).


  • Intelligent Fault Diagnosis and Prognosis for Engineering Systems by Vachtsevanos, Lewis, Roemer, Hess, and Wu (2006): a great reference book for diagnostic, prognostics, PHM, and condition-based monitoring technologies.
  • System Health Management by Johnson, Kessler, Patterson-HIne, Gormley, et al. (2011): an upcoming reference volume covering the state-of-the-art in systems health engineering and management for aerospace systems.
  • Pattern Classification by Duda, Hart, and Stork (2000): the reference textbook for analyzing and understanding complex multidimensional data sets.
  • Beyond the Kalman Filter: Particle Filters for Tracking Applications by Ristic, Arulampalam, and Gordon (2004): great reference for particle filters, one of the most robust methods for RUL estimation applications.
  • Sequential Monte Carlo Methods in Practice by Doucet, de Freitas, and Gordon (2001): useful background on statistical methods often used in on-line data analysis.

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