Jeju, Korea
Jul 12 - Jul 15, 2017

Key Dates

  • Abstract Due: 20 January, 2017
  • Short or Full Paper Submission Due: 24 February, 2017
  • Paper Review Feedback: 21 April, 2017
  • Final Papers Due: 19 May, 2017
  • Pre-registration Due: 19 May, 2017
PHM Based Adaptive Power Management System for a More Electric Aircraft
ROBIN KUTTIKKADAN SEBASTIAN, Suresh Perinpinayagam, Alireza Alghassi    Read
Emergent behavior in a system of industrial plants detected via manifold learning
Gueorgui Mihaylov, Matteo Spallanzani    Read
A SOM based Anomaly Detection Method for Wind Turbines Health Management through SCADA Data
Mian Du, Shicong Ma, Qing He, Lin Cheng, Jianbo Guo, Lina Bertling Tjernberg    Read
Integrating IVHM and Asset Design
Ian K. Jennions, Octavian Niculita, Manuel Esperon-Miguez    Read

You set up research projects with top companies in Flanders and investigate how to increase the intelligence of their products (machines/vehicles).

For companies manufacturing smart and highly automated machines and vehicles, Flanders Make conducts technological research to strengthen the companies’ product and process innovation. Flanders Make researchers help companies in making high-performance, flexible and autonomous machines and vehicles by;
- creating simulation models of the machine’s/vehicle’s behaviour;

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As a research engineer you integrate top technology into the assembly line of manufacturing companies, optimizing human-robot collaboration setups in the work cells.

In machine assembly collaborative robots are of great value due to the high precision requirements and complex procedures. Even more so in the context of “flexible assembly”, where companies have to meet a climbing demand for tailor made products.

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As a System Architect you create the engineering of exclusive machine prototypes for research. You integrate promising next generation technologies in the machine.

• Would you enjoy the challenge of designing and building a new prototype machine with access to high-tech equipment?
• Do you like conceptual thinking over complex designs and challenging requirements?
• Do you want to impact directly on technology innovations?

Design and build prototypes and research infrastructure

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Pratt & Whitney
Date Posted: 
October 4, 2016

Pratt & Whitney announces it will hire thousands in Connecticut, including 1,000 engineers

HARTFORD–Thousands of jobs are expected to open in Connecticut as aerospace company Pratt & Whitneyplans significant expansion.

submit your resume at the following website, and feel free to talk to Dr. Liang Tang at the PHM 2016 Conference. Job opportunies include (but are not limited to ) PHM.


Do you love machine learning and data analytics? Do you dream about new regression algorithms?

We’re currently implementing the art of the possible in prognostics, diagnostics, anomaly detection, optimization and more ‘run of the mill’ analytics. It certainly aint easy.

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