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Cassidian is a Lead Systems Integrator combining the know-how to design, develop and implement overall system solutions by integrating across all levels – be it platforms, equipment or services. Cassidian embraces the responsibility towards partners and suppliers, who contribute a major part of our designed system solutions. Main businesses include Nationwide Security, Security of deployed forces, Security of critical infrastructures and natural assets, Major event security, IT infrastructure and communications networks security, through-life Services Cassidian is one of the four pillars of EADS, standing alongside Airbus, Astrium and Eurocopter. In 2011, Cassidian employed approximately 28,000 employees worldwide and achieved combined revenues of €5.8 billion.
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The Meggitt group primarily designs and manufactures high performance components and sub-systems for aerospace and defence markets but applies its core sensing and control technologies to land and marine-based gas turbines, oil and gas applications and the medical, mainstream industrial, test engineering and transportation sectors as well. The group employs about 10,250 people.

MBDA Missile Systems, a world leader in missiles and missile systems, is a multi-national group in Europe and the United States (10,000 employees). MBDA is a Group capable of designing and producing missiles and missile systems to meet the whole range of current and future operational requirements for armed forces. The mastery of cutting-edge technologies is an advantage for MBDA in successfully developing and producing new products.
Technical and Silver Co-Sponsor  
            SAE International SAE International: With a 100+ year standards development history, health management expertise in aircraft structures, propulsion systems, landing gears, prognostics and fiber optic sensors, it was a natural step for SAE-I to explore standardization needs in support of Integrated Vehicle Health Management. Learn of SAE’s groundbreaking IVHM efforts and related standards.
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            PREDICT Predict specializes in the design and development solutions for surveillance, diagnosis, prognosis and remote maintenance of industrial plants and recently, naval defense systems. Predict assesses the facility, analyzes major malfunctions that could cause loss of availability, performance and cost, so as to design turnkey solutions, and to develop and deploy them. On the operations side, Predict also supports its customers by offering advice sufficiently in advance so that they can intervene before harm occurs.
            CYDesign CyDesign Labs intends to revolutionize product lifecycle management (PLM) for complex systems through an affordable model-based design and analysis software suite that operates in the cloud. CyDesign Studio enables model-based verification and reduces development costs by eliminating design-build-test cycles. CyDesign Studio will be available to early adopters in the summer of 2012
Technical and Bronze Co-Sponsor  
            Diag21 Diag21is an association that was created in 2009, at the initiative of a group of industrials Aeronautics and Defence. Its internationally oriented, is dedicated to the optimization of testability, diagnosis and prognosis (PHM) of complex systems in the areas of aerospace, land, car, rail and marine. Close to industry needs, diag21 offers exchange and service platforms.
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            IVHM Center IVHM Center - The Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM) Centre at Cranfield University in the UK was established in 2008. It is funded by a number of large companies - Boeing, BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce, Thales and Meggitt – to work on high impact topics. The increasingly important area of IVHM technology informs existing concepts of vehicle maintenance, repair and overhaul by offering a total health check for high-tech, high-value vehicles such as aircraft, ships, high-speed trains and high performance cars

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The Prognostics and Health Management Society (PHM Society) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of PHM as an engineering discipline. The flagship event of the Society is the Annual Conference of the PHM Society which will be held in Minneapolis in September. Starting in 2012 the Society is also organizing PHM Europe to attract more participation from the rest of the world.
The sponsorship packages are designed to offer your organization high visibility and recognition for the coming year across this Society’s flagship event. Sponsorship packages can be tailored to fit all budgets, and partial or shared sponsorship packages are welcome! All sponsorships include:
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Thank you for your considering how your organization and the PHM Society may work together.

The Prognostics and Health Management Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (in the US). As such, your sponsorship contributions may be tax deductible. In the US, please consult with the IRS or a tax professional regarding the deductibility of your contributions.

For more information or to reserve your sponsorship opportunity for the Dresden conference please contact any of the PHM 2012 Sponsorship Committee or email the

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