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The Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) Society is seeking original posters for a special student poster session at the 3rd European Conference of the PHM Society, July 5–8, 2016, in Bilbao, Spain. held in conjunction with the 8th European Workshop on SHM. Posters are intended for student authors and participants to engage in discussion about their work and provide an opportunity to presents late-breaking results, ongoing research, or works in progress.
Student Poster Committee:
Manuel Esperon, [email protected], +44 (0) 1234 754 057
Conference General Chair:
Falk Hoffmann, [email protected], + 49 906 71 8421

Accepted Posters

  1. Railway Bridge Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnostics - Matteo Vagnoli, John Andrews, and Rasa Remenyte-Prescott
  2. Methodology for Health Monitoring of Reinforced Concrete Structures Subjected to Seismic Excitations - Arouk Frigui, Olivier Dalverny, François Peres, Carmen Martin, Jean-Pierre Faye, and Sebastien Judenherc
  3. Model based Soft Sensing Techniques for Condition Monitoring of a Clutch-brake - Jon Olaizola, Aitzol Iturrospe, Jose Manuel Abete, Eneko Saenz de Argandoña, Mikel Mondragon, and Mikel Anasagasti
  4. Hybrid Models for Rotating Machinery Prognosis: Estimate Remaining Useful Life - Madhav Mishra and Matti Rantatalo
  5. Prognostic and Health Management System for Hydraulic Servo-actuators for Helicopters Main and Tail Rotor - Andrea Macaluso
  6. Health Assessment of Traction-motor Blowers regarding their Deformation Degradation - Alexandre Trilla, Pau Gratacòs, David Guinart, Allegra Alessi, and Benjamin Lamoureux
  7. Prognosis of Bearing Life based on Entropy Method and Comparison with other Method - Seok-Goo Kim, Dawn An, Nam Ho Kim, and Joo Ho Choi
  8. Probabilistic Method to Predict Remaining Usage Life of Aircraft Structures - Mudit Rastogi
  9. Narx Time Series Model for Remaining Useful Life Estimation of Gas Turbine Engines - Oguz Bektas and Jeffrey Jone
  10. The Application of Multifactorial Diagnostic Criteria for Early Vibration Diagnostics of Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Bearings - Vladimir Adamenko and Igor Drokin
  11. IVHM Enhanced Clinical Trials - Antonin Hallier, Sergio Peña, José Rivas, Carlos de España, and Liu Xiaochang

Key Dates

Key Student Poster Session Dates
Draft Poster Submission Due 15 Apr 2016 30 Apr 2016
Final Poster Submission Due 30 May 2016
PHM Conference Dates 05-08 Jul 2016

Topics of Interest:
Poster session will be open to both PHM and SHM attendees thereby getting a much wider audience for students’ research work. Topics of interest for submissions include, but are not restricted to, the following:

  • Prognostics system design and engineering
  • Prognostics sensors and detection
  • Physics of failure prognostics
  • Asset health management
  • Structural health management
  • Prognostics for electronics
  • Fault detection and prognostics for microsystems/MEMS
  • Diagnosis and fault isolation methods
  • Condition-based maintenance technologies
  • Standards and methodologies
  • Fault-adaptive control methods
  • Return-on-investment analysis
  • Deployed applications and success stories
  • Data-driven and model-based prognostics
  • Systems engineering aspects of PHM
  • Software and hardware for PHM

Submission Instructions:

  • To meet the submission deadline authors must submit a draft poster by April 30, 2016. Please use the official PHME16 poster template for all (i.e., draft and final) poster submissions.
  • Draft Posters will go through a preliminary review to determine relevance to the conference. Abstract acceptance does not guarantee full paper acceptance.
  • If you already have a final poster ready, you are welcome to submit the final poster itself, but your first submission should be done by the Draft deadline.
  • Go to Submission page and make sure to select “Third European Conference of the Prognostics and Health Management Society 2016” as the publication target.
  • Choose Submission type as “Student Poster”.
  • Enter author information and other required metadata as appropriate.
  • The System requires authors to upload a document, so please upload a single page pdf document. You shall use the conference poster template.
  • Once the final poster and technical briefs are ready for submission, authors are expected to go to the same submission node for the draft poster and replace the draft poster pdf by the final poster pdf and upload the technical brief pdf by May 30, 2016. Please do not create a new submission when you are uploading the final poster pdf for an already submitted draft. Technical briefs must follow the PHME paper format and are limited to a maximum of 4 pages.
  • Once the draft or final poster has been submitted, authors are requested to email [email protected] indicating that their submission is complete and ready to be reviewed (please indicate your node number in all correspondence).

The PHM Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of PHM as an engineering discipline. Its purpose is to provide free and unrestricted access to PHM knowledge, promote interdisciplinary and international collaboration in PHM, and lead the advancement of PHM as an engineering discipline.


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