Standards for PHM

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There are at least two standards activities related to PHM:

1. AI-ESTATE (IEEE 1232) established by IEEE and under development since 1996.
2. OSA-CBM, a standard established by MIMOSA (a non-profit organization) and under development since 2001.

We have discussed the PHM standards issue on various occasions but have not reached a conclusion or consensus. The recent ijPHM paper by Abhinav Saxena and colleagues brings up the issue of standards in PHM once again.

I am interested your opinions:

- Are the current standards adequate/sufficient to cover the breadth of capabilities envisioned in PHM (online diagnostics and prognostics, to name a few)?

- Do we need new standards to focus on these critical PHM functions?

- What should the role of the PHM Society be in proposing, developing, and maintaining PHM-related standards, legacy or new?


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